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Commercial radio is a business like any other. We stay in business by selling goods or services. In our case the service we sell is commercial time to advertisers. If you have goods or services you want to sell... radio works!

You can do wonders just by supporting our commercial sponsors... and tell them you are a WIOI 1010 AM listener.

We offer a mature listening audience with unparalleled purchasing power. Our listeners are informed consumers with plenty of resources and they have traditional family values that translate into intense customer loyalty.

Join the WIOI 1010 AM family of advertisers and tap into a audience of mature adults with buying power!

“...Stations airing Adult Standards have doubled in the past 3 years. They see the green in the 50-and-up crowd that commands $3.6 trillion a year in discretionary income...” Source: Forbes Magazine

MARKETING... 30% (80 million) of the total U.S. Population is now 50+… and every 6 seconds another American turns 50.

Adults 50+ control 70% of the country's net worth, over 7 trillion dollars.

This 30% accounts for 40% of total consumer demands, and they Buy everything:

· 48% of all luxury cars
· 25% of all toys
· 38% of health club memberships
· 46% of all vacation travel
· Spend 74% more on a typical vacation than 18
  to 49 year olds
· Spend more on health care products than any
  other age group
· Own 40% of all mutual funds

And most of their income is discretionary!


... and WIOI 1010 AM Music Of Your Life™ Can Reach Them...!

· When your commercial is on the air, YOU OWN THE STATION!

· No production cost

· The car factor. The most efficient way to reach people is in their cars. Over 90% of shopping trips are by car; your last chance to bring them in before they shop your competitors.

· Need quick copy change? Have a just arrived special? Need a correction in your ad? Radio can do it faster that any print media.

· Saturation. With radio, your ad runs many times over many weeks. And often for less than one newspaper ad.

· Plus, radio enhances your other advertising: in the Yellow Pages, cable, print, direct mail and the Internet.


WIOI (1010 AM) is a radio station broadcasting a Adult Standards/MOR format. Licensed to New Boston, Ohio, USA. The station is currently owned by Maillet Media, Inc. and features programing from Jones Radio Network.

Source: Wikipedia® "The Free Encyclopedia"